3 food that is responsible for food poisoning

Food poisoning can even ruin the whole week. It not only irritate mood but also eliminates productivity level. Home remedies can hardly work if this poisoning is severe. Poisoning can happen due to any reason. We cannot specify it more often. But most of the time it happens due to uncooked or unhealthy food. More spicy food can also cause food poisoning. Here is some most common food that can cause severe food poisoning.


Eggs are a flexible, helpful and nutritious protein and are a piece of endless dinners all around the globe. Be that as it may, they’re viewed as high-hazard with regards to nourishment harming, particularly when crude or undercooked. Salmonella in eggs is in charge of a large number of the foodborne disease cases in Australia. Microbes can sully either the yolk, the white or the eggshell. Regularly a polluted egg won’t look, smell or taste any extraordinary, making it relatively difficult to identify

food poisoning
food poisoning

Dairy products

The crude drain is a drain that is unpasteurized, which implies that it hasn’t been warmed to murder any destructive microscopic organisms. The hazard with devouring crude drain is that there’s a higher shot of the drain containing microscopic organisms, for instance: E. coli, salmonella or listeria. On the off chance that expended, these microscopic organisms can cause a scope of nourishment harming ailments, which shift from mellow to perilous.

Sea food

Fish which isn’t put away at the right temperature has a high-danger of being sullied with histamine. This is a poison that can cause Scombroid harming and not at all like numerous different hazardous contaminants, isn’t crushed by ordinary cooking temperatures.

food poisoning
food poisoning
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