How To Control Unusual Cravings?

Whenever we eat extra food, we always blame our unusual cravings for this. You have eaten your younger brother’s chocolate and on inquiring, you said: “I was craving for this”. Your mom left a piece of cake in the fridge and you indulge in that too late night just to satisfy your Cravings. It’s no wonder that you can’t stop craving because there are many temptations out there that triggers your craving and you don’t even have to be binge eater for this. Especially, in Pakistan where every day we see delicious and tempting food at every roadside corner. You can blame your cravings for overeating but you have to stop yourself! And if you don’t know how to control your unusual cravings then I’m right here to help you. Yes! This article is just for you, so let’s have a look:

Try To Avoid Triggers:

You have to be strict with yourself and if you can’t resist buying a doughnut while going to work then take a different route. Try your best to avoid triggers because in this way there is a less chance for you to experience a craving.

Take A Nap:

It has been noted that you get a craving when you’re tired. Don’t let yourself feel weak and focus on your fatigue. Food is a source of energy but by taking a nap you can also reenergize yourself. Read More. 

unusual cravings
unusual cravings

Distract Yourself:

Many experts say that cravings typically last only for 10 minutes. So, recognize that time and divert your mind. Make yourself busy in other activities and find distractions.

Brush Your Teeth:

Even a child knows that brushing teeth removes small food particles. It also kills the taste of food or anything you crave. You’re much less likely to get cravings if you’ve just brushed your teeth. Moreover, after brushing your teeth you will wait for some time because you don’t want to make your mouth unclean in short time.

Get Your Hands On Chewing Gums:

You can chew gum whenever you get an unusual craving. It will divert your mind and will also make you feel like you’re eating something. It is one of my most favorite strategies to control unusual cravings and you can also try it.

unusual cravings
unusual cravings

These are most experienced and effective strategies. Give it a try and you can also easily control your unusual cravings. Don’t lose hope because it is not something that’s uncontrollable.

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