How You Can Avoid Bad Breath With Simple Remedies?

Dental care is important. If you really want a good personality then you have to make sure that you have a good smile, you do not have bad breath and your teeth are white and bright. Healthy teeth are a reflection of a healthy personality.
Imagine you are sitting in a gathering where the person sitting next to you is stinking badly. You are wondering that how can you tell him that he has bad breath and must use a mouthwash. Obviously lad, it will be ultimately rude. So this is more like a lesson for you that you need to keep a mouthwash with you every time. Other than this how can you control bad breath and healthy teeth naturally? So here are all the answers.

Drink plenty of water.

Major cause of bad breath is stomach issue. We use unhealthy food so we suffer from stomach issues mostly. Drinking plenty of water can help. If can wash away the bacteria from the stomach that is creating bad breath. Drink 8 glass water at least. Wash away all the germs and let your body get back to healthy life.

Brush twice.

It is not a secondary option. It is the primary thing to adopt. Brush your teeth twice a day so that you do not experience bad breath and irritate the person sitting next to you. Brushing at night is a good option. Because you need to sleep totally germs free.


Keep a pack of cardamom with you. It is natural mouthwash. It won’t let your breath badly and if you are experiencing mouth sore then cardamom is a life saver for sure. You can keep it in your bag as well.

Replace toothbrush.

You must replace your toothbrush after every 3 months. Keep your dental hygiene high. Overusing toothbrush can also create other issues for your teeth. Make sure you are changing tooth brush frequently.
So these are basic tips to keep your teeth healthy and avoid bad breath. If you are experiencing severe pain or any other trouble in teeth you can consult with the best dentist or any other city.

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