Morning exercises along with secrets to make it happen

Who doesn’t like to sleep for long stretches of hours but waking up early in the morning has significant importance on our overall wellbeing?

Why Workout in Morning?

  • Morning workout greatly boosts our metabolism
  • Keeps us energetic throughout the day
  • Morning workouts can be done consistently as in evening you might leave it due to some other work or even lack of energy
  • It improves mental and physical energy
  • It brings discipline in your life
  • It helps you sleep better at night
  • Morning workout releases Endorphins (Happy hormones) that keeps you positive and happy all day long.

Now let’s discuss few simple exercises that you can do in the morning to stay healthy and fit: You can also book an appointment with a best orthopedic doctor.

  • Brisk Walk

This is one of the simplest and easiest exercises you can do in the morning. It’s better if you walk and jog outside; as it will help you connect better with nature otherwise you can do it in your lawn or on a treadmill. Start with brisk walk and then you can slowly jump into Jogging and running.

Morning exercise
Morning exercise
  • Jumping Jacks

It’s one of the best cardiovascular exercises and it can be done in your room. They are best in toning up your calve muscles. These are so easy to do; stand with your feet together, jump while spreading your arms and legs. Practice them every day, time yourself for 1 minute in the beginning and later you can increase its time according to your own feasibility.

  • Bicycle crunches

These are the best to tone up your tummy and legs. Good news is you can even do it on your bed. All you have to do is lie on your back and rotate your legs in a cycling motion. It’s more like cycling in the air. Start with 15-20 reps and work on it.

  • Lunges

To tone up your thighs and lower body go for lunges. Stand with your legs apart, place your hands on your hip. Take one big step forward with the left leg, and let the right knee bend on the floor level. Keep switching legs as you go on. Do this on alternate days to reap its benefit to the fullest.

All of the above mentioned exercises are great in toning up your body and if they are done in the morning that’s best because at that time you are fresh. Here are few tips that can help you waking up in the morning for exercise

  • Put your alarm far away (You will leave your bed)
  • Just go to exercise (Don’t take shower or wait for a heavy breakfast)
  • Take a small meal and go straight to workout
  • Play some music to help you feel fresh maybe a Wakeup playlist
  • Warm up is essential to not to get cramped muscles
  • Keep it simple and short.
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