Want To Quit Smoking? Follow These 5 Steps

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and disease. There are numerous health risks that are linked to smoking but still, despite knowing the health hazards of smoking, there are thousands of people who do smoking. Even exposure to the second smoking is responsible for many deaths. First of all, it is extremely difficult to make the decision to quit smoking. So, if you’re ready to make this decision and you really want to quit smoking then know that you’ve already won half the battle.

Now, you have to stay firm in your decision to quit smoking. It is difficult but not impossible so just follow these 5 steps and you can make it happen.

1.Set Your Date And Time:

Once you have decided to quit smoking, set your date and time to stop. This is not childish but important because it gives you a definite goal. You just need to pick any date; it may be a start of a week or the beginning of a new month. Just decide when you’re going to stop it and reduce your cigarette intake until your quit date and stop. Read More.

2.Inform Others About Your Quit Date:

After picking up a date, tell your friends, family, and co-workers about your quit date and time. They will support you and encourage you to do what you’re going to do. It will be great if you interact with a person who has successfully quit smoking and is happy to help you as well. 

Every smoker has a fixed time when he definitely smokes daily. You have to break those habits, change your routine and try to avoid triggers. If you smoke in the morning with a cup of tea or coffee then cut this routine and go for a walk instead.

quit smoking
quit smoking

4.Stay Busy:

Throw all your cigarettes and find ways to keep yourself busy. Remember you’re not giving up anything because cigarettes do absolutely nothing for you at all. So, don’t feel guilty when you’re bored and try to keep your hands busy. You can go to a movie or spend time with your non-smoker friends and family.

5.Stay Hydrated:

Drink as much water as you can, it will help flush nicotine from your body. Most importantly whenever a craving hits you and you feel like you absolutely must smoke, try drinking ice cold water sip by sip. This will also help you to avoid indulging in unhealthy snacks, which could lead to weight gain.

Also, remind yourself that it will get easier and only a few days after quitting are hardest. However, you can also consider non-nicotine medications, which may help you to quit smoking. It is best to talk to the specialist if you feel like you would like to try any medications.


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