Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” is ancient knowledge that people appear to possess forgotten during these modern, hi-tech occasions.

Regardless of the truth that technologies have advanced so phenomenally during the last a century, “a persons genome is 99.98% just like it had been 40,000 years back.” Which means that we virtually have a similar biochemical makeup because the people residing in the Stone Age. So, the meals your body is made to eat is essentially exactly the same type eaten in ancient occasions.

What we are feeding our physiques today is to date taken off what we should specified for to consume that we’re suffering for this.

The majority of the food available on the market isn’t real food. It’s processed chemicals, without any nutrients, that doesn’t provide what we have to sustain health. As a result we within the U.S. are among the sickest nations within the civilized world, regardless of supposedly getting the very best healthcare system on the planet.

We reside in a society that expects “an herbal viagra for each ill” instead of searching to obtain the reason for the condition.

Whenever you drive your vehicle, you place gas inside your vehicle’s gas tank. Otherwise, your vehicle wouldn’t run. You are taking your vehicle set for routine service and maintenance to help keep it running making it keep going longer.

Bodies are much like your vehicle. It requires the correct fuel and maintenance. If this does not have it, it begins to break lower and malfunction. You may begin feeling just a little tired and occasional energy. It progresses and also the signs and symptoms increase and finally you receive sick.

The large distinction between the body as well as your vehicle is the fact that whenever your vehicle breaks lower beyond repair, you can aquire a new vehicle. However, you can’t customize the body!

It is a sad condition of matters that people treat our cars much better than we treat our physiques.

We eat nutrient deficient, chemically altered food so we question why we are sick. I even read lately the new trend would be to create food from 100% chemicals. Which may be great for the meals industry, but it’s devastating for your health.

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