The Effectiveness of Ulthera in Creating the Perfect Jaw Line

A healthy lifestyle would inhabit regular exercise and eating healthy food. But there are some parts of the body which does not change with regular working out. Hence for that part of the body, a non-surgery Ulthera [ทํา ulthera ราคา, which is the term in thai ]

 is necessary. It rejuvenates that part of the body giving you a perfect look. This painless treatment will not only remove the sagginess of the jawline but also reduce the laxity of the skin. A surgery that will never make you feel old or dull by giving you the confidence to flaunt your style.

Keybella vs. Ultherapy

Both the Keybella and Ultherapy are thought to be the best nonsurgical treatment to remove the extra fat forming on the chin. Along with its similarities, it has some differences and it is vital to know that.


  • Both give a very natural look
  • As it is a non-surgery it gives no scar on the part of the body


  • Keybella uses the body’s own metabolism to remove the extra fat while Ultherapy just tightens the skin
  • Keybella requires several treatments to get the perfect result while the Ultherapy can properly function with only one treatment
  • A deoxycholic injection is injected into the body while Ultherapy uses ultrasound waves to give the result

A painless treatment to improve the laxity

As ultherapy uses ultrasound waves to improve the sagginess of the jay line popularly known as the double chin fat.  It is the most effective treatment as it maintains all the standard protocols giving the best result. It has the option of visualization which allows the patient to understand its functions and protocols properly.  According to research the chance of getting the right result with this painless treatment is about 80%. If you have any problems regarding your jawline you can always trust ultherapy.

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