What Are the Stages of Dental Implant Surgery?

Having an empty dental position in your mouth is disgusting. The vacancy of lost teeth makes biting and chewing hard and affects your smile look negatively. Therefore, you must consider tooth replacement; a dental implant is the best method to replace your teeth. Initially, you must try your best to find the most professional cosmetic dentist to perform the implant surgery in a short session as quickly as possible with the highest quality and performance. Different methods exist to complete implant placement, but each has the same aim and final result. The first step in performing the implant placement process is raising the flap. So your cosmetic dentist can see the bone easily. Don’t worry; cosmetic dentists can drill the jawbone and prepare it for implant placement. Although the implant process seems complicated, you, as the patient, won’t have a challenging condition. 

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Who Performs Dental Implant Surgery? 

A professional dentist offering teeth implants in Vancouver states that this placement surgery can be in both dental therapy and cosmetic dentistry service categories. It means a cosmetic dentist and general one can perform the implant process and fix your lost tooth’s issue as quickly as you expect. 

These dentists can perform the best treatment for the implant fixture process. In the following, they will use the very thin cover screw. Note that this thin cover screw only covers the opening section of your implant. 

In the next step, dentists will reposition the flap over the artificial teeth. They also suture the implant into the proper position correctly. In this step, you, as the patient, must wait for a specific time.

Then, the used implant is possible to expose. The following dentist will remove the covering screw and replace this screw with the healing cap. In addition, cosmetic and general dentists can reposition your dental tissues near the healing cap.

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What Is the Final Stage of Dental Implant? 

In previous parts, we have told you some of the first steps of the implant procedure, but how about the last features? Every surgery requires recovery time and needs specific conditions to get healed. The healing time depends on your dental situation and the cosmetic dentist’s experience. 

After the demanded healing time, a cosmetic dentist will remove the healing cap. Then, the dentist will place your dental crown and the implant crown. Note that these crowns are possible to locate on your dental fixture. 

Generally, in case of losing teeth, it is vital to consider the alternatives to replace your teeth and choose the most suitable one. Some dentists may recommend you use fixed dental bridges, which can be helpful. 

In addition, removable full or partial dentures can be good choices, but the implant is the best and most practical tooth replacement alternative. Finally, your cosmetic dentist must treat dental and oral infections before implanting. 

Treating and fixing damaged teeth or oral problems are also essential for an implant procedure. In this case, you must find the most professional cosmetic dentist who can prepare your mouth for implant surgery.

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