What do you mean by the oncologist, and what are their roles?

An oncologist is a specialized doctor analyzing, diagnosing, and treating cancer in different people. They are responsible for the treatment the person takes for their cure. They play a variety of duties and are accountable for various things such as:

  • Understanding the type of cancer.
  • Identifying the root cause of the tumor in the patient’s body.
  • Analyzing the stage of cancer.
  • Proper diagnosis of cancer.
  • Looking for the best treatment for your cancer.
  • Being good guidance and support to the patient.
  • Keeping checks after the treatment and providing the best post-treatment care to the patient.

These are certain things that need to be taken care of when dealing with a cancer patient and taking the responsibilities of an oncologist. You can visit the best oncologists in noida for guidance and assistance.

In medical science, we have identified different types of cancer. These diverse forms of cancer can demand specialized oncologists.

Here are a few different types of oncologists listed below dealing with specific types of cancers.

As people are exposed to these hectic lifestyles, stress and tensions have become an integral part of our life.

The difficulties and superfluous consumption have made cancer a significant part of our world today. It has seen various formations and types, resulting in hazardous outcomes.

There are many cancer hospitals in Noida serving the best healthcare facilities. You can visit the city’s best oncologist Dr. Vikas Goswani to seek help regarding your concern.

Let us see the different types of oncologists according to the various types of cancer.

We all know that cancer nowadays has become an illness with multiple faces.

Thus, we need proper treatment according to the need, which requires the attention and awareness of a dedicated doctor from a specialized department of oncology.

Every cancer demands a distinctive cure, so here are a few listed types of oncologists you can look through.

Surgical oncologists

Surgical oncologists are the main concerns with cancer which has not spread and can be eliminated using different types of surgeries.

The operation or surgical procedure must be performed by an expert who possesses enough experience and expertise in the procedure.

The surgical oncologist is a trained professional who has obtained proper teaching and practical coaching and assisted many cases.

These medications are available by the best cancer hospitals in Noida such as Zeeva Oncology.

Medical oncologists

A medical oncologist is a health care provider who treats cancer using medicines and therapies such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy, and many various aimed treatments directly focusing on the kind, type, and stage of cancer.

People in their early stages of cancer visit the medical oncologist for a primary check-up and are then guided according to their requirements.

There are doctors who are specialized in the treatment of blood cancer, commonly called hematologic oncologists. You can visit the best cancer hospitals in noida to get a thorough check-up if any symptoms are found.

Radiation oncologists

The oncologist who is responsible for treating cancer cells using radiation technology is known as a radiation oncologist.

The physician and the healthcare team use radiation therapy to settle the cancer cells by minimizing their size and shape.

It leads to making the process and spreading of cancerous tumors very slow and,

Thus, it must be followed session after session to gain control over it.

The radiation oncologist asks you to visit the hospital for regular check-ups to keep an eye on the size and movement of cancer inside the patient’s body.

Gynecologic oncologists

The oncologists specializing in the treatment of cancer related to female reproductive organs are known as gynecologic oncologists.

They perform various treatments corresponding to the cancer cells and mainly work with cervical cancer, uterus cancers, and ovarian cancers.

Women nowadays are majorly suffering from tumors in their ovaries, leading to further complications if not treated immediately.

Women’s pregnancy has immensely dropped in the last decades because of such worries.

When ignored, the women can even lose their life as their reproductive organs do not function accurately.

Gynecological oncologists lastly advise getting the ovaries out through the surgery for the safety of the women.

Pediatric oncologists

The lifestyle of today’s generation has become quite an imbalance. It is not only the adults that are the victim of such hazardous diseases, but the children and teenagers are also persecuted.

Few children are born with it, and the rest get from the surrounding environment.

The oncologist who is responsible for treating cancer in children and teenagers are known as pediatric oncologists.

There are certain kinds of cancer that majorly targets the youth and young generation, such as leukemia, sarcoma, and brain tumors. These are a few common types of cancer found in people of young age.

Neurological oncologist

Neurological oncologists deal with people having cancer in their brain and the nervous system. The brain is the central part of human intelligence which must not bear any damage. People with brain cancers suffer a lot of pain.

This type of cancer usually affects the nervous system of the body as the brain is connected to it.

Hence, it is advised to maintain proper care, medications, and therapies to reduce the extent of distress.

These are some specialized oncologists who majorly treat cancer of a specific kind.

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