Guide to Ak 47 Cannabis Seed: All You Need to Know About This Strain

The Royal AK plant is easy to grow, making it the most well-liked because of its amazing quality. It is also known as AK 47 and has frequently been copied or used for crosses by other seed producers. The result of crossing white widow and Ak47 Cannabis Seeds For Sale is Kalashnikova. It provides the intense, long-lasting Indica effect while also offering an exceptionally pure high.

AK 47: A Variation with Numerous Honours

Ak47 Cannabis Seeds For Sale blossom into jade that is dark and yellowish. There are not many hairs on it. Dark, tawny red hairs are seen. They are only visible when the buds are separated. It has won 16 awards in Cannabis competitions, proving it to be a highly-liked plant for both growing and smoking. 

She offers a very strong, satisfying, and long-lasting high. An independent lab test during the 1999 Cannabis Cup confirmed that AK marijuana had the highest THC content of all entries that year. 

Strong & Juicy Aroma

Given its average height and reputation for having a highly vigorous vigor and potent aroma, this herb is a good match for small indoor plots if you can control its overbearing, strong scent. Berry fruit, diesel discharge, and diesel petroleum can all be detected in the aroma. 

It is well known for being extraordinarily consistent, producing reliable results with every production. When growing close to people, growers need to exercise extra caution regarding fragrance control. Indoor and outdoor environments are both favorable for Ak47 Cannabis Seeds For Sale growth.

It has a peculiar, unique flavor that is sweet and stale with a hint of pine. It has earned a spot among the world’s most prestigious contemporary strains. It has a significant Indica expression while being classified as a Sativa Dominant hybrid. It receives a reasonable head and body high as a result.

The name “AK 47 marijuana” was given to the drug, not out of any vehemence, but rather to refer to the smoking as a “one-hit wonder.” After its introduction, customers in Amsterdam coffee shops frequently fell asleep after smoking this particular strain. 

It is suitable for lucrative producers or home growers since it offers value without compromising. These plants have a short budding period for a normally sativa hybrid. They produce dense buds with few leaves that shine with a coating of resin crystals.

DNA from Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, & Afghanistan In One Strain?

Ak47 Cannabis Seeds For Sale has an 18% THC content. It has Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani ancestry. 60% of the genetics are Sativa and 40% are Indica. 520 to 575 grams can be harvested per plant dried indoors, compared to 605 to 650 grams outdoors. Eight to nine weeks pass during the budding phase.

This strain ranges in interior height from 80 cm to 140 cm. The exterior stature is a little bit larger, ranging from 130 to 170 cm at the least. The beginning of October is the ideal time for exterior yields. This strain produces a perfect balance of high and stoned feelings.

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