What Are the Most Valuable Procedures Offered by General Dentists?

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The professional health care provider that you frequently visit is your general dentist. General dentists are professionally trained to provide a wide range of preventative and restorative methods to prevent experiencing severe types of dental conditions. They will also focus on their valued patients’ oral health and hygiene to help them avoid the progression of different types of gum diseases. As a trusted dentist at a York University dental clinic, if you leave some minor dental problems untreated, they have enough time to become worsen and eventually result in unbearable pain. Then you need to undergo more complex and expensive treatments to get rid of them, and unfortunately, in severe cases, your teeth will be severely damaged or even fall out. There are a lot of important and practical dental services that are performed in general dentists’ offices. Please stay with us until the end of this article to learn the most common procedures performed with professional general dentists’ help. 

Essential Information about General Dentistry

Generally, the main health care provider that can provide dental care for all ages is a general dentist, while dental specialists mainly focus on a specific branch of dentistry. During your routine visits with your general dentists, at least twice a year, a thorough oral examination will be done that includes your gum, teeth, and all other tissues and structures, and professional cleaning is performed to remove hardened stains and plaque. Different types of restorative methods will be performed to solve minor dental issues before becoming emergency issues that require urgent care. The wide range of dental care services that are necessary for your continued oral health are as follows: 

York University dental clinic

Preventative Services Offered by Professional General Dentists: 

Those who maintain good oral health shouldn’t skip regular check-ups with their general dentists because they will perform regular exams, including x-rays, to prevent oral issues. Besides, they will provide simple instructions that you can do regularly at home to improve your oral health. In some cases, preventative treatments like sealants are recommended too.

Restorative Services offered by General Dentists: 

As usual, general dentists regularly monitor the health of your teeth and gums to find the initial symptoms of dental issues. Once a problem is found, your professional general dentists will promptly perform the most appropriate treatments to eliminate its negative consequences. For example, when they determine you have a decayed tooth in your mouth, they will use high-tech tools to remove the decayed site and then fill the place with special materials to decrease the risk of reinfection. Most general dentists can perform other restorative procedures like dental bonding, crowns, and implants. In severe cases where patients suffer from several complicated issues, they are recommended to visit a dental specialist.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures That Are performed in General Dentists’ Offices: Most people feel more comfortable undergoing different dental procedures in their own general dentists’ offices. Most general dentists can perform several cosmetic treatments, too, such as teeth whitening or dental veneers.

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