Websites are the new business cards. A website that is easy to use and understand helps to create the first impression. Most of the time it is a good first impression which helps to keep the clients hooked on and leads to conversions. If you already have a website but with low traffic, it means that you need to update your website. There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind when you are designing a website. A good website is at the core of a successful Digital Marketing Campaign. You can read to know more about how to have a successful digital marketing campaign. When the website is easy to use, beautiful and moves faster it helps to reach a wider audience. Your website must be accessible through both desktop and smartphone. Here are some tips that can help you to optimize the website of your dental practice.

Increasing the Website Speed

The time your website takes to load has a key role to play, especially when the website is being accessed through the smartphone. Goggle recommends that a webpage should load in less than 3 seconds. Most websites that pop on the result page don’t even come close. To check the mobile and desktop loading speed of your website, you can run a Google’s Page Speed Test. You must run the speed test for Mobile websites too. As mobile users tend to be more impatient. Times when a patient has an emergency, they would end up doing a search through their mobile. If the website takes too long to load then it mostly gets ignored. On average the 5 second load time also increases the chances of the users leaving the page.

Design of the Website

When a potential client visits your website, it only takes them approximately 8 seconds to determine if your practice meets their requirements or not. The website must be engaging for the patients. The things to be considered while designing the website are the services provided, services the users need, things they are looking for in a dentist and ease of navigation through the website and whether the website caters to them or not.

The website design helps the users to determine whether they are in the right place or not. The home page should appeal to those who are looking for dental help. The website should provide this for old and new patients alike. Your website should exude positivity and confidence, which will help the clients to determine whether you would be the right dentist for them or not. Make it a point to include your awards, credentials and associations on your website. This will only help in building trust. To add a homey feel to the website, you can add pictures of the practice, upload a welcome video and even post testimonials. The services page on the website should be easily found, along with the payment page. Your website should also include your business hours.

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